About RSA Capital...
RSA Capital is a unique private capital firm whose principals have over 50 years of
experience in direct equity investment and corporate growth.  With its roots dating to the
mid-1980s, RSA offers highly specialized expertise focused in two areas...

DIRECT INVESTMENT -  RSA makes investments in growth-oriented small to middle market
companies.  We partner with entrepreneurial managers who seek capital to buy a company.  
With our management partners, RSA develops business strategies to establish our
companies as leaders in their industries.  We invest in companies that have a "claim on a
niche" in either products or markets.   We are cash buyers and target companies with annual
sales of $10 to $50 million.

RSA funds its investments using our principals' capital and funds from a stable group of
passive individual investors who have worked with RSA on past transactions.  We seek the
long-term appreciation of our investments and have
significant flexibility in customizing our
investment to meet the particular needs of the situation.  As appropriate, we access
institutional sources of mezzanine and senior debt.  Since i
ndividuals fund our equity
investments, we have a longer investment horizon than many funds and have a bias to
provide our management partners with the opportunity to buy out our ownership stake when
we wish to exit.

FINANCIAL ADVISORY ASSISTANCE - Given our extensive involvement in corporate
development, acquisitions and divestitures, RSA provides selected financial advisory
consulting to corporations seeking to execute growth or divestiture strategies.  Based on the
experience of the RSA principals as corporate owners, heads of corporate development and
sellers of companies, RSA brings a valuable set of skills.  Having sat on "all sides of the
table" RSA is uniquely qualified to assist corporate clients to successfully execute their
strategies to buy or sell.

RSA's principals have over 50 years of combined expertise in corporate growth, mergers and
acquisitions, financing, and strategic divestitures.

We'd be pleased to help you successfully achieve your corporate goals.

RSA Capital, LLC